Take-home assignments for product management candidates

The pros and cons of requiring written homework

The drawbacks of take-home assignments

Let’s start with all the reasons that speak against giving candidates written assignments.

The benefits of take-home assignments

Let’s now look at what speaks for giving out take-home assignments.

Alternatives and mitigation

Some of these drawbacks can me avoided or mitigated depending on how the take-home assignment is designed. Here are some options to consider.

What we ended up deciding at RevenueCat

As with any tradeoff decision, there isn’t a perfect solution for product manager take-home assignments. You can optimize for one aspect or another and give different weight to the various pros and cons. Here’s what we ended up deciding for our recent product management role at RevenueCat.



Head of Product at RevenueCat; previously at 8fit, Yammer, BCG.

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