Product Manager Take Home Assignment Examples

Some product management interview homework assignments I’ve come across

RevenueCat: benchmarking

RevenueCat is my current employer and provides a SaaS solution for mobile app developers to manage their in-app subscriptions.

8fit: customers with injuries

8fit is my previous employer, a fitness and nutrition mobile app.

  • Define the problem, ideate potential solutions, and prioritize an idea that you think is promising
  • Outline the solution you are proposing, including user flows and rough wireframes if applicable
  • Evaluate any trade-offs you made in the design of the solution
  • Define criteria and process to validate that the solution you are proposing is solving the problem
  • Describe how your proposed solution may impact product KPIs, and how you might measure that

Stock photo provider: conversion funnel

This is an assignment for a provider of downloadable stock photos.

  1. Iteration: Please take a look at the current checkout process, and come up with 3–5 ideas to improve conversion. The discussion here will focus around your proposal and how you present and defend your concepts. Wireframes would be a plus.
  2. New Feature: We would like to offer customers the ability to pre-purchase packs of licenses at a reduced rate. How would you approach this task? What steps would you take to define the content of the packs, who would you involve in the process? Where would you offer the buyers a chance to purchase packs? What kinds of packs would you offer? etc… A checklist of steps to follow and user-flows would be the best way to describe this.

Real estate portal: VR

This is an assignment for a web/mobile based real estate portal.

  1. As the responsible Product Manager, how would you approach the VR opportunity?
  2. How should we respond and why?
  3. How could we benefit from this opportunity?
  4. Does VR pose a risk to our business model? How does it affect real estate agents?

Bonus: Medium changes

I am including this mostly for nostalgia’s sake: this is the assignment I completed back in 2015 for my first PM job at Microsoft. Microsoft had a policy to not have take-home assignments about Microsoft product, so the assignment was about Medium.

  1. What do you think Medium’s hypothesis was for the feature and how do you think they measured results? How do you think they defined success before they shipped the feature?
  2. Design an additional change to Medium that builds on the successful outcome of the feature you chose (include rough mocks if possible). Why build this change?
  3. Based on your hypothesis and metrics from the first question, let’s assume the feature had failed. What would that tell you? What would you do next?



Head of Product at RevenueCat; previously at 8fit, Yammer, BCG.

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