Mastering the two different types of product development work

Deepen your product management skills with these fantastic reads

Inspired (Marty Cagan)

It sounds strange, but only at first glance

Looking to break into product management? Here are some pointers

“It depends”, of course, but here’s what it depends on

You don’t need a product prioritization framework, but a pyramid

How to improve your product management and leadership practices

Some things I’ve learned along the way

1. Start with Why

A product manager should link the team’s work to the vision — both the company vision and a vision for their specific product area. Shared purpose provides intrinsic motivation, so communicate “why” first rather than what or how.

Building your product muscle, one hour at a time

Jens-Fabian Goetzmann

Experienced product leader, previously at 8fit, Yammer, BCG. Currently working on something new.

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